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Fate Book

Fate Book - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I was dubious about reading this book with the "adult" tag on it as I don't enjoy reading pages of pages of drivel about throbbing manhood and the usual smut that comes with it but this book was the best book I've read it a long while (and doesn't have much of the smutty bits!). It is one of those books you live with for a week or so after reading it...echoes of the suspense/passion catching you unaware as you go through your day. In fact, its the first book I couldn't put down until I finished it! A guilty secret, but true none the less.

The story line is the stuff of young girls' fantasy but it is definitely gripping stuff...a young girl, an imagined hero comes real, but the plot is very believable.

I enjoyed the book so much, I decided to write a review...just to remind myself later on that this is definitely worth reading twice! If the author reads this, please write more like this!